Welcome to the KE3HAY website. We are EXCITED you stopped by and hope you get some good information about Amateur Radio. 

I am Keon, KE3HAY to my amateur friends and I am located in the State of Maryland. Licensed as KB3PJY in 2007 I quickly changed that call to my current KE3HAY. 

I currently serve as a member of the AERO Amateur Radio club where we meet in the Essex Sky Park FBO, President Emeritus of Baltimore Amateur Radio Club, Current 3rd Area Director and Chairman of the Board for the 3905 Century Club. 

In My spare time when not on the air I am hanging with the babies, sitting in front of a campfire, in church, or cooking some awesome food. 

Feel free to email me if you need cards, have questions about amateur radio, or are interested in becoming part of the 3905 Century Club.

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